Our Process

1. Initial Contact

Our first contact with a prospective customer regarding a need or project you want to build, renovate, create or just consider.

Reliable Builders built a lovely custom home for us when our children were young. When the time came for us to downsize, we knew exactly where to turn for help. We found a townhouse that met our needs but required some renovations to include relocating some interior walls to modernize the master bath and add a walk-in closet and the addition of hardwood floors, attic storage and a stairway. After our positive experience with Reliable Builders, we called them. They were the perfect fit for our town home renovation.”


2. Getting to Know You

Schedule a meeting with prospective customer to introduce our company and meet with them to discuss their needs, desires and project vision.

We also use this time to review drawings and specification with them if an architect or design professional has developed plans for the project. We have lots of experience working and coordinating projects with architects, designers and engineers. If you don’t have plans don’t worry, see below!

We highly recommend Reliable Builders after working with with them on a major home renovation. They brought the highest professional standards to the project and worked diligently to follow our architectural drawings and specifications. Their professionalism and attention to detail were unsurpassed. We are glad to be a positive reference for Reliable Builders.”
— Andrew Iatridis, AIA, ORA Architecture


3. Discuss Design Options

Dick Littell, our professional Space Planner and Designer, can develop drawings of the proposed project to show you several alternatives and options for you to review and consider. This could range from a reconfiguration of existing interior space to an addition to the home in order to meet your needs and project vision. Once you’ve discussed your vision with Dick and our team, we will meet together to review design options to decide on the drawing that best meets your needs and budget for the space.

Below is an example of the stages of the process for a kitchen/dining room renovation project:


After Reliable Builders did a major home addition several years ago for us, we knew they were the ones to help us with a complete kitchen and laundry room renovation and pantry addition. We particularly appreciate their help in developing several design drawings for us to consider that met our needs and budget. They listened very carefully through out the design phase and they captured our dream exactly.”

  • Once you have decided on a final design we take time to review the products and materials to be used in your project. We base our recommendations on over 25 years of knowledge and experience with a variety of products, materials and techniques. In addition, we walk you through all the selections like finishes for the flooring and other detail options that make the selection of big ticket items like cabinetry, counter tops and appliances easier.


4. Meet the Team

Invite major subcontractors for a site visit to review the scope of work and get their input and experience so we can provide accurate pricing. By reviewing the project on-site with our subcontractors whom we have worked with over many years, we can identify areas that may impact the budget and eliminate surprises.

Examples include evaluations of the following:

  • Mechanical system
  • Plumbing system
  • Electrical service
  • Structural and code specifications

We appreciated very much the thoroughness with which Reliable Builders developed the budget for our renovation project. They met on-site with their long-time group of subcontractors and vendors to identify areas that would impact the budget, eliminate surprises in order to get accurate pricing and a clear understanding of the scope of work. One example was the evaluation of the mechanical system early in the planning process to confirm if it was sufficient for the addition or if an upgrade was required for optimal heating and cooling.”


5. Develop and Review Budget

Reliable Builders will develop a detailed cost out of the project for review. Following the review, Reliable Builders can assist the homeowners with obtaining financing, if requested.


6. Detailed Project Overview

Once the budget is approved by the customer, Reliable Builders will develop a detailed contract summarizing:

  • Scope of work for the entire project
  • Specifications for materials and labor
  • Payment Schedule
  • Detailed Allowances
  • Finish Schedule


7. Contract and Scheduling

Once the contract is signed, Reliable Builders develops a custom construction schedule. This is a valuable tool for the customer to know the sequence of construction and a time frame for selections and decisions they need to make to maintain the schedule. It also provides order to the construction process by scheduling materials and labor efficiently. It also keep suppliers, vendors and subcontractors informed and ready when needed on the schedule.

The construction schedule that Reliable Builders provided to us was so very helpful. We are a busy family but with the schedule that was updated regularly, we knew that each phase of the project and when and how we needed to adjust our plans. They schedule also helped us to do our part in making customer selections in a timely manner.”


8. Pre-Construction Meeting

Before construction begins we will meet with you to review the following:

  • Construction process and schedule
  • Any questions or concerns
  • Discuss access to the job-site
  • Hours for construction
  • Discuss any special needs, such as pet security, project safety, protection of landscaping or trees, where materials should be delivered and stored, assigned parking for workman and placement of portable toilet, etc.


9. Construction Begins!

These key steps are a part of the beginning of all construction projects:

  • Procure Building Permit
  • Install protection barriers for soil retention and water drainage
  • Maintain open on-going communication with homeowner


10. Construction Is Nearing Completion

Construction is well underway. At this stage in the process we focus on the following:

  • Keeping the work site neat and orderly by regularly hauling construction debris to the construction landfill for recycling
  • Maintain a safe and orderly job-site
  • Protect materials from the weather
  • Meet or exceed applicable Building Codes
  • Invite any professions involved in the project to the job-site to verify specifications are being met, if applicable
  • Assist customer with selections for items they will select according to the Allowance Schedule
  • Conduct periodic payments according to the payment schedule with customer to make sure materials and workmen are paid in a timely manner.
  • Maintain on-going communication with customer and regularly review the updated construction schedule to keep all parties informed and involved in the process.
  • Obtain on-time required building inspections.

Building our home was a very exciting experience. Reliable Builders was totally professional and very qualified to advise of decisions during construction. We can honestly say we are very pleased with our new home. We highly recommend them to build your custom home or add to your existing home.”


11. Construction Completion

At this stage we will:

  • Protect finishes on hardwood flooring, counter tops, cabinetry and carpets.
  • Provide regular job site cleanup and haul away services
  • Keep customer informed and review schedule as project progresses
  • maintain timely paperwork and payment schedules
  • work closely with customer to verify the quality of workmanship and finishes meet the customer’s standards and expectations
  • Schedule final building inspections
  • arrange for a final cleaning of the new space, including windows
  • Verify that everything is working properly and prepare to turn completed project over the owners.


12. Service After Completion

Service after completion offers include:

  • Respond promptly to any service calls, concerns or inquiries
  • Finalize all paperwork and final payment schedule to verify that all workmen and materials are paid in a timely manner
  • Provide customer with a lien waiver and warranty information and operating instructions
  • Assist customer with updating Home Owners insurance and any loan closing details with bank.

Reliable Builders was a joy to work with. They really know how to make the process as smooth as possible. They were receptive to our needs and we couldn’t be more pleased with our new addition. We highly recommend them!”

Prior to actual construction, please note that 8 of the 12 steps of Our Process are related to listening, developing plans, reviewing, finalizing the project specifications, budgeting and scheduling. We believe these are essential steps for a successful project!